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Be Prepared Before You Call the Helpline

To get the most accurate diagnosis there are a few simple questions you should to be prepared to answer before you call

Plant Problems:

  • What is the reason you need a diagnosis?
  • If known, what is name of plant; if not known what type (tree, shrub, perennial)?
  • Does the plant produce flowers or fruit?
  • Where is the plant located? Is location sunny or shady, wet or dry?
  • How long has plant been in its current location?
  • What chemicals or fertilizers have been used? Is mulch used?
  • Inspect entire plant for symptoms, problems can be more complex then they first appear
  • When did symptoms first appear?

Insect Pests:

  • Are pests just a nuisance or are they causing harm to people or property?
  • Where is highest concentration of pests?
  • When did pest first appear?
  • Describe pest (size, wings, number of legs, color, etc.)

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