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Health and Wealth

Small Steps to Health and Wealth -- This program is designed to motivate participants to improve both their health and their finances. It encourages participants to set a health goal and/or a wealth goal and take action to achieve their goals, by identifying small progress steps. Learn similarities between health and personal finance issues and the suggested behavior change strategies that can be applied to either area of life. The impact of health on finances and finances on health is also explored.

The Must Knows of Long-Term Care Insurance -- Reaching the grand and wise age of 65 comes with mixed blessings retirement, more leisure time, travel opportunities, and working your way through the Medicare and prescription drug maze as well as making decisions about long term care insurance. This class gives guidelines to consider.

Is a Health Savings Plan in Your Future? -- This class discusses the pros and cons of HSA accounts, how they work, who can and can't have one, costs, contribution limits, and the paring with a High Deductible health policy.