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Commercial Landscape & Turf Management

North Jersey Ornamental Horticultural Symposium

This educational event typically occurs the first week in January and features presentations on reasearch and developments related to landscape construction and maintenance, tree care, landscape turf care, and integrated pest management, Speakers include NJAES faculty and staff, growers, and agribusiness professionals. The event typically qualifies for pesticide recertification credits.

2017 Ornamental Horticultural Symposium

2016 Ornamental Horticultural Symposium


Lepids in the Lawn - Sabrina Tirpak

Update and Pest Forecast from Rutgers Plant Pest Lab - Sabrina Tirpak

2015 Ornamental Horticultural Symposium

2014 Ornamental Horticultural Symposium


Impact of Global Warming on Turfgrass Diseases in the Mid-Atlantic region (charts) - Dr. Bruce Clarke

Diseases caused by Environmental
Factors in the Landscape - Dr. Ann Gould

Scouting and Diagnosis - Rich Buckley

2010- A Year of Extremes; Plant Diagnostic Lab Update- Rich Buckley